Shipments sent to a FFL dealer only on all guns. Shipping is estimated at $ 50 to $100 for Long Guns via USPS. or $45 for pistols going US mail Registered & insured. You are granted a 3 day inspection. Inspection begins upon date of arrival to your dealer. Please remit via Cashiers check, Money Orders made out to George Wimer.  Personal checks delayed 1 week  from deposit date for clearance.  For further detailed information see FAQ


VERY IMPORTANT: You must send a copy of an FFL liscense for me to ship to your FFL Dealer. He may then transfer the gun to you. I WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHIP A GUN TO AN INDIVIDUAL; OR SHIP A FIREARM WITHOUT HAVING FIRST RECEIVED AN FFL COPY. Thank you


Browning Model BL-22 Grade 2

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Browning Model BL-22 Grade 2 Serial #  06607NY226  .22 Long-rifle, Lever Action Carbine. Made in Japan. This is a very nice Grade Two. …..***…… A Grade Two has Factory Engraving on both sides of the Receiver. A Grade ONE does not Any Engraving at all. The Factory Engraved Receiver is further Complimented by the Straight grip, gloss finish and nice sharp checkering. This Beauty has the Great Twenty-Inch, 20″ Carbine Barrel, With Barrel-Band, & a Mint Bore of course. Comes with Flip-up Rear-Sight & the Very-Desirable Front “Post” Sight. Hard Butt plate. This little .22 lever has the Very-Unique Short-Throw Action that operates especially well for the young hunter with smaller hands & shorter arms. *** Very-Unique Short-Throw Action. *** The Short Carbine Barrel.  In the Original Matching Serial Numbered Box with instructions.  Beautifully made little lever gun!  100%

Price: $995.00

Browning Model BL-22 Grade Two #2

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Browning Model BL-22 Grade Two # 2 Serial: #02054MW242  .22 long rifle, Lever Action Carbine. Made by (” Miroku “); in Japan. This is the Nicest “Made by Miroku” Grade 2 that I have had in years. ….. A Grade TWO has Engraving. Whereas; a Grade ONE does Not. The Factory Engraved Receiver is further Complimented by the High-Gloss wood. This Beauty has the Great Twenty-Inch, 20″ Carbine Barrel, With Barrel-Band, & a Mint Bore of course. A Flip-up Rear-Sight & the Very-Desirable Front “Post” Sight. Sharp checkering. Straight grip. Hard Buttplate. This little .22 lever has the Very-Unique Short-Throw Action that operates especially well for the young hunter with smaller hands & shorter arms. *** Very-Unique Short-Throw Action. *** *** The Short Carbine Barrel.***

99.9% MintY The Original Price was = $1295… NOW it’s only $ 888.

Browning Safari Grade, .300 Winchester Magnum.

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Browning Safari Grade, .300 Winchester Magnum 1965 Belguim, Long Extractor Bolt with Matching Serial number. This Gorgeous Grained Rifle has a Luxurious Deep-Blue Finish. This 24″ barreled Rifle Serial #5L33550, with Mint Bore; is All Original with Folding Leaf Rear sight; & The Gold Bead Front Sight and Factory Hood; Browning Ventilated Butt Pad, Factory Peep Sight. The Action of this Beautiful 300 Win.Safari is as smooth as silk. You could tell your Victorious Hunting-Story at the Fire & show off this Fine 52 year old Collectible Rifle. This also has a Great Full-House Poker-Hand Serial-Number. ***** A Gent asked about Salt Era Safari’s. Here’s my Response: … Hi Roy; I just took the stock off and it is ” PERFECT “. There is Nothing wrong with the metal. It’s mint. The Matching numbered stock # 33,550 is also Mint on the inside as well as the exterior. It’s ” NOT a salt wood rifle “. The salt wood Era Typically began around 1968/1969. But I do understand how the customer wants to know “For-Sure” that it is NOT a Salt-Era Rifle. It’s a GREAT Browning in Great Condition in the Great 300 Win. Caliber. Don’t miss out on this one. They’re hard to find in this condition & caliber. And is Especially desirable with the Long-Extractor Bolt as well. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. George …………… 99.9%

Original Price $2495 “NOW” price is $1,688.




Mannlicher–Schoenauer 6.5 x 54 Model 1903 Carbine

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Mannlicher-Schoenauer 6.5 X 54 Model 1903 Carbine. Made in Austria. The Factory 17.7”inch Barrel has a Mint Bore, ramp front sight, and the two-leaf folding rear sight. Also has a Nice leather carry sling that looks original to the time period.. For some reason the front receiver ring. has a single off-set tap screw.  If that tap screw was not there the price would would have been $1,000 higher. Fanstastic condition. Full-length Carbine stock. The Double set triggers work perfectly.  Additionally; this is a First Year Production  Serial #11,883, 99% Exc +  $2995



Remington Model 660, Caliber 6.5 Remington Magnum

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Remington Model 660, Caliber 6.5 Remington Magnum, 20 inch Barrel, Mint Bore. Serial number 6,226,092. The Factory Two-Tone Laminated Stock is Excellent plus condition with a few hunting marks primarily on the right side of the buttstock. See pictures.  This is Just in time for hunting season ! ! !  These are GREAT long distance Flat shooters. The Rem 6.5 Mag is basically the same as the .264 Win Mag caliber.  Just ask your local Gun-dealer or gunsmith for the Ballistics & statistics. The Model 660 Standard calibers were made from 1968-1971. The “S” letter shows this was made in 1969. Which makes this a “Second-Year-“-Production Rifle. 99 +% Exc + wood

Originally priced at $1695  Now, Only $1288

Rem 660 350 Magnum

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Remington Model 660, Caliber 350 Remington Magnum, 20 inch Barrel, Mint Bore. Serial number Serial #124,182 The Factory Two-Tone Laminated Stock is Great condition. This is Just in time for hunting season !   99 % Deep-Blue finish with a few small spots behind front sight
Was 1695 …  NOW $1388

Remington Model 141 “Gamemaster”

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This Remington Model 141 Pump Action “Gamemaster” in .35 Rem caliber.  Serial #68,222, was made in 1927.  –  This is a Great deer/Elk  rifle with a smooth slide action. It has Weaver scope bases and Sling swivel mounts added.  The 22” barrel has Mint Bore, ramp front bead sight. No Rear sight. Stock and forearm have very good original finish.  99%.  Since this has been drilled & tapped on the receiver & the barrel. This will be a Great shooter for it’s new owner.

Was $795… the new reduced price is NOW  $588.


M77 22 Hornet

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Ruger M77-22 Carbine 22 Hornet  20″ Carbine barrel, Mint Bore 99.9% Mint Condition, Walnut stock, This Beauty comes with a BSA 6x-24x Scope, bolt action Carbine. Mill-dot reticle, checkering and sunshade.

 The Original price of $1495… is now lowered to $1,188.



Winchester 74 Gallery Gun

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Winchester Model 74 “Gallery Gun” 22 Short 1939 First Year  + 500 Rounds of Factory Ammo AND  six (6) loader tubes for only $1288 This semi-auto rifle. Serial #25,138 was Made in 1939. That’s the First year manufacturing of the Model 74 Win.  This is a Very interesting “FIRST YEAR” Winchester Model 74 “Gallery”-gun.;  in the.22 Short Caliber that includes  six (6) loader tubes in good functioning condition. These Gallery guns sure did their duty at the county fairs.  The blue finish is about half there & has a nice smooth natural patina to it. This Gallery gun has Vivid barrel markings. Nice tight action.  AND …  A Mint Bore ! The six (6)  loader tubes  Feed into the buttstock.  The pre-loaded tubes pour into the factory opening/Bullet hole on the right side of the buttstock. It is then followed by the spring-loaded magazine being put back into the Butt of the stock. This made the Boss of the Gallery guns job, a lot easier so they could load several Galley Rifles in just seconds. As we old-school folks know; that’s Very important, when you’ve got dozens of youngsters wanting the Boss to reload them every few minutes or so. I personally remember shooting these Gallery guns in Disneyland & Knott’s Berry Farm as a kid. This has the standard  24″ barrel has buckhorn rear sights and post front sight. ALSO comes With a Ten-Box-BRICK of .22 Short Ammo…  500 rds. of Winchester Super-X .22 short cartridges. In white/blue/red “brick” carton, One label partially torn off. Ten (10) boxes of 50 cartridges.…. Heck, With 500 rounds, you could start your own Shooting Galley. This was Originally priced at  $1495 Itis Now on sale for only $1288

Winchester model 90

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Winchester Model 90 Third Model .22 Long rifle slide action rifle. Serial #689,712 was made in 1925.  This Model 90 features are: The exposed hammer, 24″ Octagon barrel,  Fixed Blade Front sight & The Rear sight with elevator that Reads:  Pat. Jan 29, 1901  = the patent-date on Rear sight. And a Mint bore. This has a Good tight & smooth Action. The Proof marks are vivid. “.22 LONG RIFLE ” The barrel blue is 95%. The Magazine tube, Receiver, & Crescent butt is mostly hand-worn over the years & is now a natural patina/blue mix. There’s an old repair just behind the tang that is done so well I forget it’s even there. And I can’t see anything that shows why it was done in the first place. I suspect it was probably a small ding and was done as preventative maintenance. I suspect it very well might have been a Factory repair.  ** NOTE **..(Less than 10% of the Entire production of the Model 90’swere in the .22 Long Rifle caliber. All in All it’s in Great condition. Especially for a 94 year old rifle.   95% Barrel blue $1495

Winchester model 1906

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Winchester Model 1906, .22 short, long or long rifle cal. pump action rifle. Serial #574,172,  This was Made 100 years ago in 1919. .…80%+    The 1906 was the predecessor to the Winchester Model 90. This Win. Model 1906 has the 20″inch barrel and a Mint Bore .   It has natural blue wear From handing and other normal use ie: hand loading,  etc.. operation.  Notice the Early Engraved Screws in the Hard Rubber butt plate.  Notice the butt plate is in mint condition, with no chips, nor cracks either. $1295

Winchester 9422 “Annie Oakley”

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Win Model 9422 “Annie Oakley”22 long  rifle 20″Carbine serial # AOK292 mfg.1982. Beautiful! XX Walnut  Gold Engraved  Winchester  Model 9422  “Annie Oakley”  Caliber .22  Long rifle  20″ inch Carbine Barrel  This Commemorative Carbine is Just Beautiful ! The Double XX  Walnut stock & forearm has several nice dark stripes , and the Gold Game scene Engraved Receiver is Stunning.   It’s New in the Box $2995

Winchester model 94 antlered Game

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Winchester Model 94 Antlered Game CommemorativeSerial Number AG01,871. These were made 41 Years ago, in 1978 ….. Gorgeous Grain Walnut. I personally like it because I’ve shot each of these Four Antlered game animals. This Gorgeous 30-30 Winchester, 20″inch Carbine has Beautiful Engraved Games Scenes, that are Further Complimented by it’s Factory Gold Finish.  Shown are the Four Different Antlered Game animals. . 1978 ANTLERED GAME CARBINE serial number range AG1- AG19,999. ———— *** This is a First month or early Second month Production. *** ——— This is an average of 55 guns per day. That means this ……Carbine…… was made on the 34th or 35th day of Production. Therefore is was made the beginning of February 3rd or Feb. 4th.  They are the: … Carribou, Elk, Deer, & the Moose is on the left side. *It couldn’t get any better when you consider the Fantastic Burl Grained Walnut stock that is the icing on the cake. ( See picture numbers: # 7, # 11, # 12, and # 13. * This is New in the Matching Serial Numbered Box & Tags etc… that you see in my pictures. New in the Box. Original Price NIB $2595 …  Super Summer Sale Price = Now $1,888.

Winchester 94 PreWar 30-30

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This Winchester Model 94, .30-30 PREWAR Lever action Carbine with Serial #1,220,807, was made in 1940.  It’s in Great Condition. The Lever Action Handle; Shows Some of the Blue has turned to the natural brown patina over time. … So, …. I grade it as 98%/99% overall condition.      This Beauty has a nice Tight Action and Crisp Address markings. But the Sight Hood is not original. …. This also has a Nicely Grained Walnut Stock & Forearm too.  It’s difficult to find a nice Collectable Prewar 30-30 Carbine like this one. Most are used, cracked up, … & so forth. …So,… It’s a real pleasure to have and use on a good ole hunting trip, like those days of yesteryear.   1940-1964 mfg. without saddle ring, barrel is marked Model 94. This Winchester 94 Serial # 1,220,807 was made in the FIRST year of production with the New Prewar Style that no longer had the unnecessary Saddle ring on the receiver. The serial number Range in the year 1940 is from (#1,142,423 to #1,259,563)  This works out to be that this Win model 94 was made the First Day of September 1940. [That’s 117,140 = that were made in 1940] [= 9,761 per month = 325 average per day]

The Original Price was $2,495…  The Summer Sale price is Now $1,888.

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