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Astra Mod. 600/43, 9mm Parabellum

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Astra Mod. 600/43, 9mm Parabellum Military semi-auto pistol.  Serial #44,576 This was made 1945. in Spain. This is  1 of 800 that were shipped to the Portuguese NAVY for WWII. They were Stamped with the initials “M.R.P.”  for Marinha Real Portuguese. This is in Great Condition, especially when considering Most Navy firearms usually have extensive wear due to Salt corrosion. This has most all of the blue, showing about 95% blue finish with some light corrosion. The 5 1/4″ Barrel has a Mint bore. 8 shot with Fixed military sights.  The Factory wood checkered grips are in Great shape and shows light use.  The Original Stamped magazine with #932 is in great condition. Good Visible Matching numbers on frame and slide.  This is a uncommon variation of the Astra 600 with No import markings on it. 95% Price $1495



Colt Service Model Ace, .22 Long Rifle

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Colt Service Model Ace, .22 Long Rifle   Serial #SM14026 – 1st day production !  , It’s Mint. 100% Blue. The Factory Magazine is  stamped  “COLT CAL. 22L.R.”   ….But both box ends are missing. Mint Bore, 5″inch barrel, Fixed Front, Adjustable Rear, Sights;,… Checkered Wood Grips with Gold Colt Medallions, This is the 26th one Off the Factory Line. =  #SM14,026 – 1st day production !  This is a PostWar Ace Service Model – with the “SM” Prefix. I’m glad it’s mine. Sure, I’ll Sell it for my price. But if I don’t, that’s ok too.  I know it will be years if & When I Ever see a Lower Service Model Serial Number, than this one. ** Colt “BEGAN” This model At:  Serial # SM14,001 ** Which makes this Colt = Serial # SM14,026   a First Day Production !  If you miss out on this one; at least you’ll be able to tell your friends you Could Have bought a First Day Production Ace Service Model : >)     Serial #SM14026 – 1st day production !  …………. 100%  LNIB$3995 ..

Colt Model O Combat Commander 45 acp

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Colt Model O Combat Commander 45 acp  Serial #CJ52xxx This is a “Lew Horton Special” Fantastic, The Slide is Like a Mirror.  Gorgeous, The Matte’ Brushed Stainless Steel Finished Frame Accents the high polish slide.  Shes A Real Beauty Queen, with Gold accents throughout. Here’s the list… Gold Barrel Bushing, Slide Release Lever, Thumb Safety, Magazine Release Hammer, Colt Pony on Both Grips, and Even the Grip Screws.  Gold “Colt” and Colt pony are on top of the slide.  White Factory Grips look & feel just like real Ivories. Included is the Factory Box with Lew Horton Exclusive Label, Two Magazines, and the Factory paperwork.  If you like the pictures you’ll Love having this as your own. After all, It is a Lew Horton Special : >)  New in Box $2995


Erma ET-22  Semi-auto 22 L.R.

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Erma ET-22  Semi-auto 22 L.R. “RARE” 11 3/4″inch Barrel   Made in Germany Caliber .22 Long Rifle. The 11 3/4″inch Barrel has a Mint Bore. You don’t see very many of these Long Barrels, Especially in this conditionWith the Long Box. The 11 3/4″inch Barrel Length is Rarely Seen … And the Leatherette Case is no doubt Even more difficult to have than the pistol itself.  To have it both together is Very Rare !  This is the Best one I’ve ever had or seen in 4 decades !!!

It is 99.9% Like new in the Leatherette Case $1495

High Standard

High Standard Victor Military Auto Target Pistol

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High Standard Victor Military Auto Target Pistol .22 Long Rifle. This 4 1/2″inch Barrel. Steel Vent Rib; Serial #2,397,417, is New in the Box & was made 1973 in Hamden, CT.  From the Hi-Standard book by Tom Dance pages 84 Through 91 & pages 165 through 168. Page 64 = One of the Rarest of the Victors is the 107 series with the Short 4.5″inch barrel and High Steel Rib. Page 65 = Catalog numbers were 9216 for the Four and a Half inch Model and 9217 for the longer 5 1/2 inch version. Page 88 = The Top of the Line for the Target pistols was of course the new Victor. Page 91 = Since it’s inception the Victor had used what is now termed the “HIGH”  or  “All Steel” Rib. * HS Contoured Checkered Walnut Grips, Gold Trigger & slide Release. It’s Beautiful & leaves nothing more to want for.

New in the original Box. 100%  $2995

High Standard Olympic Model 104, .22 Short

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High Standard Olympic Model 104, .22 Short  “RARE” Serial #1,402,543 was Made 1964 in Hamden, CT. The 5 ½” Heavy Barrel has a Mint bore & a slight rub mark on the right side. From the Hi-Standard book by Tom Dance pages 62, 165,169These were made Specifically for Olympic Competition Walnut grips with High Standard Medallions. Great Condition. 99.5%$2495

High Standard Model G-380 Caliber 380 acp.

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High Standard Model G-380 Caliber 380 acp.  Serial #703This First Year Production has a Very-Low Serial #703, mfg. New Haven, Conn.! This Highly Desirable & Not often seen .380 acp caliber., Model G is nice and crispy. It has the 4 3/4 inch Barrel Length, exposed hammer, fixed sight, and the Factory Two-Tone, Hand-Dipped Magazine clip. It’s in Great condition having a Tight-Action, Action works perfectly.  Solid and smooth – a beautifully-made Semi-automatic.Vivid Markings and a Mint Bore. This has the Original Factory Lustery Blue Finish. From Reference Book: High Standard Automatic Pistols 1932-1950 By: Charles Petty. Page 68, 70.; **The “G” Series was the FIRST Interchangeable Barrel. *** The G-380 BEGAN in Late 1947  (“At” Serial # 100). This continued to Serial # 7,551 Which was shipped Dec. 13.1950. There were a Total of 7,451 made. And they were made in Only a little over 3 years. ! *** This Hi-Std Model “G” .380 acp Serial #703, was the 603rd Pistol ” Made “; off the Factory line. And was made 68 years ago; in 1947. *** Note: The G-380 Was the Very First Takedown And paved the way for All-the-other Takedown-series that followed. *** Note: The Design of the Barrel and Slide of the “G” Series guns was “Complex”, and called for many intricate Maching operations. ****** The Model “G” Series were basically HAND-AND-Machine-Crafted. All the Takedowns Evolved and came Frome the “G” SeriesHigh-Standard Model G-380 First Year Production The 603rd Made ! 99%$1495


Luger 9mm Mitchell Arms American Eagle

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Luger 9mm Mitchell Arms American Eagle Semi-auto Serial #6341. Stainless Steel Finish with the American Eagle 1993 Crest on the chamber. The 4″ barrel has a Mint Bore. Fixed military style sights.  Wood checkered grips are Mint.,  2 Factory magazines  Includes spare magazine, manual and  box.  Very well made !  100% NIB $1995


Reising Target, .22 LR  First Year Production

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Reising Target, .22 LR  First Year Production  Serial #1,395  This was Made in the 3rd or 4th Month of  “1921” production in the First year. The 6 3/4″ barrel has a Mint Bore. This will soon be Considered an Antique when it is 100 years old. This even comes with the original Cleaning Rod from back then ! The Original Brown hard rubber grips are Great; except for a very small crack at the grip screw of the lower left grip. Original two-tone magazine The Original Brown leather holster is in good condition and fits the pistol perfectly. Reisings were Made in Hartford, Ct.….Made 1921-1924 This Model was made in Hartford, Ct. From Serial number 1,001 to 4,000. ***  There were only 2,999 Made. ! ! !   ***  Warning: The Pistols Slide May crack if Modern  High-Speed .22 LR Ammo is used extensively 99%$2950


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Remington-UMC Commemorative 1911 World War I  45 acp semi-auto. Serial #UMC21,838, This is: The 162nd Pistol Made off the Factory Line. This Commemorative was a joint venture between Remington Arms and Turnbull Mfg. This is a Historically Accurate reproduction of the original Model 1911-UMC made during 1918-1919. The features are: 5”inch Barrel, Lanyard loop, US Property marks, Carbona Bluing, Period metal markings, UMC-type Grips with the Large diamonds, an “E” on the Trigger guard or slide. This has Beautiful Deep Blue.  Roll stamped 1913 patent date.  “E.E.G.” inspector’s mark and “Eagle head” proof marks. Hand-Finished edges. Amazing Details right down to the Thirteen-Line Checkering on the Large Walnut Diamond grips. This is Extremely-Impressive. This Includes a Glass-Top-Display-Case With Holster, Magazine-Pouch, two Hand-Dipped 2 Tone Magazines, & a seperate Factory Remington Box for the pistol. (Only 1,000 were Made during 2014; Only in Serial Range UMC21,677 – UMC22,677).      New in Both Boxes. New-Unfired condition. $3,495


Ruger New Model Blackhawk 50 YEARS OF .44 MAGNUM

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Ruger New Model Blackhawk 50 YEARS OF .44 MAGNUM “1956-2006”  *** Only 1200 OF THESE WERE MADE ***  These are identified by the Serial number; Beginning with the (#870) Serial Prefix number 870. ***         Read below…….     Approximately 1200 of the last 89-prefixd cylinder frames were Transferred to: Ruger’s Prescott, Arizona Facility for Completion. All New 50th Anniversary .44 Blackhawk production at Prescott, Az., Then received an 870-Prefix serial number. All Prescott production of this model has the “WARNING” statement located on the bottom of the barrel.    This .44 Magnum has a 6 1/2″ barrel, With the Old-Style, Beautiful Blue-Black Finish, & Black Medallions in the Hard Rubber grips.    This Wonderful Rendition of the Famous ” Flat-Top “; Serial #870-12852 is displayed in it’s Red Commemorative box.     Also included are the manual, gun lock, keys, literature, Original Fired at the Factory Shell-Casing & more.     This is Factory Roll marked in Gold on Top of Barrel: ” 50 YEARS OF .44 MAGNUM 1956-2006 “.   This is New in the Box with the Yellow Plastic Retainer still in place from the Factory just Behind the Cylinder. Leaving the owner nothing more to wish for.

     New in the Box. NIB  Original price $995.   NOW $788

Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 mag

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Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk, .44 mag  SAA  Serrial #TSB-00432. This is a Limited Edition of 1,000 made with Doug Turnbull’s Exclusively Beautiful Case-Colored Frame that Only He can do so well. New in box.  7 1/2″inch  Barrel, Adjustable Rear sights.  The Ruger Medallioned Deluxe Wood grips are Enhanced with the Multiple Dark Waves of Grain overlaying the lighter areas. This Includes the Manual, Lock, and the Limited Edition Ruger Hard Case.  100% New in the Box $1495

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Model 1953, .22/32 “Kit Gun”

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Smith & Wesson Model 1953, .22/32 “Kit Gun”, .22 Long Rifle . The 4″inch Barrel Has a Mint-Bore. This Kit Gun Serial # 1,934 was Made in 1953 ..and is in Great shape. * Most of them got well worn, because they were usually in someones Toolbox, or Fishbox. ….  ie:  The Nickname: The Fisherman’s “Kit-Gun”.   This is All Original.  Case-Colored Hammer and Trigger. A Really Nice Flat-Latch AND  A ” FIRST YEAR ”  Production !  Serial # 1,934  has “All-Matching-Numbers on the R. Grip, Barrel, Cylinder, Butt, & Yes, Even on the inside of the small Cylinder Ejector.
This Kit-Gun was Well-Cared for. There’s no doubt that Holster that comes with it, Protected it at all times. No doubt that it’s the original owners holster as well.  The holsters snap works great & has all it’s stitching & fits like a glove. It also protects the small Adjustable Target sight.  Along with the Narrow solid Rib it has the High Ramp Front sight that is also very desireable ! And.: ……another feature is the Magna, Round-Butt Checkered Walnut Grips.
Yes, This is quite a nice Collectable to have…..     …………99+%$1995 

Smith & Wesson Model of 1953 “Kit Gun” 22LR

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Smith & Wesson Model of 1953 “Kit Gun” 22LR.,   A.K.A.  ” PRE ” Model 34, .22 Long Rifle . The  RARE 2” Barrel. Has a Mint-Bore, Ramp Front Sight and a Micro-Adjustable Rear Sight. This Kit Gun  Serial #28,817was Made in 1957. and is in Great shape too. A  Really nice example – rarely seen in this barrel length ! * I think it came from the same collection as the other kit-Guns I have shown here on this page. A Really Nice Flat-Latch AND  !  Serial #28,817has “All-Matching-Numbers on the R. Grip, Cylinder, Butt. This Kit-Gun was Well-Cared for too.! As said: ..There’s no doubt that Holster that comes with it, Protected it at all times. No doubt that it’s the original owners holster as well. This little Snub-nose pistol also comes with a Nylon-Holster, Trigger-Shoe, and the Pachmayer-Grip-Adapter. * Yet, the grip adapter has never been put on.  This S&W Snuby also has the very desireable; Magna, Round-Butt Checkered Walnut Grips.  …………99+%$1695

Smith & Wesson Model 34-1, “Kit Gun”.22 LR

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Smith & Wesson Model 34-1, “Kit Gun”.22 Long Rifle . The  Scarce/Rare 2” Barrel. Has a Mint-Bore, Ramp Front Sight and a Micro-Adjustable Rear Sight.  This Kit Gun  Serial #103,237was Made in 1963. and is in Great shape as well. This too; is a  Really nice example & Scarce in this barrel length ! *The Model Number = ” Mod 34-1″  is stamped in the Crane of the Cylinder.  *By this Time-Period; the only matching serial number was to the Right Grip number.. has “All-Matching-Numbers on the R. Grip, * I think this also came from the same collection as the other kit-Guns I have shown here on this page. Here’s a Really Nice Snubby with the Newer Checkered Thumb Saftey  AND  Serial #103,237, also has “the Matching-Number on the Right Grip. These are somewhat Hard one to find because most people keep them indefinitely. No box or papers. A Hard one to find !  “NO” Box, …99.9%$1795

Smith & Wesson Model 35, 22 L R, 6 inch Blue.

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     Also known as the 22/32 Target Model of 1953.  This has an Early Serial number 40,474. The Early Diamond grip has a Different number #145,365 But are correct for the Era.  Features 6″ pinned barrel with Narrow Rib, 1/10″ Partridge Front sight With Micrometer Click Rear sight, Walnut Grips with Diamond around the screw escutcheon; serrated trigger and .375 Checkered hammer, and the Flat-Latch thumbpiece cylinder release.  This early Model 35 was Made in 1957, on the smaller ” i ” frame. Later, in 1960 the Model 35-1 was introduced and Began the ” J ” Frame production.  The Model 35 was made 1953-1973. In serial range 101-135,465

99.8% Lustery Blue $1695 

Pre Model 18 Combat Masterpiece

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     Smith & Wesson 22 Combat Masterpiece (“Pre”-Model 18);, The Four 4″ inch Barrel has a Mint Bore,  This is the Early Five 5 Screw Variation, Serial Number = K231,247  S&W Factory Matching Serial Numbered Grip. 99.5%   This is the ( ” Eighth ” ) 8th pistol, … from the VERY-LAST Serial Number Made in 1954.   In 1954 Smith & Wesson Made From Serial number (” K210,096 ” “to” Number ” K231,255 ” ).  This Serial Number = K231,247. Was MADE on the LAST day of the Year back in 1954. = Dec.31,1954;

 Originally priced at $1695… Summer Sale now only $1,188

Smith & Wesson Model 58

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41 Magnum, Serial # S327,533  has All Matching Numbers including the Magna Walnut Grip & the S&W box. This S&W was Made in 1969. The 4” barrel has a mint bore, Fixed sights & and the Original S&W box. 99+% LNIB $1895


Sig Sauer Model 556
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Serial #: TP005053.  Sig Sauer Model 556 Caliber 5.56 NATO , which also shoots the .223 Caliber. This Model 556 pistol has the 10 inch Barrel and Flash Suppressor. You’ll realize the Quality Manufacturing when you shoot your first magizine. It eats up 30 Round mags as quickly as you can pull the trigger. This has the Ghost-Ring Front-Sight and a Mint bore. The Long-Top-Rail has the same Factory-Quality, Sig-Sauer STS-081 Red-Dot Sight mounted with the Sig-Sauer Lense Cover.  The Forearm has three rails for any laser or light applications. Weaver style rail for mounting of a scope, light or laser.  This also Includes: Three 30 round Sig Sauer mags, Two Couplers, Pistol grip and Factory manuals. 99+% Finish Comments: I’ve owned & sold a couple of these before. The last one sold for over $4,000. It was new in the box, but did not have the Optical-Light-sight; Nor, did it have any extra rails, and it only had one clip. Price: $1888


Walther Model PP, .22 Long Rifle

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Walther Model PP, .22 Long Rifle Serial #48,990LR, Made in West Germany. Interarms Import,  3 1/2″inch Barrel, Mint bore, Fixed sights. One magazine with Finger Extension. 99.9% $1295

Walther TPH, .22 LR.

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Walther TPH, .22 LR.  Stainless Steel Finish, .22 Long Rifle, 6 shot, Serial #T024119.  Made in the U.S.A.; Double action, or single action, 2 5/8″ Barrel, Fixed Two-Red-Dot Sights. Walther Black Checkered plastic Grips, One Magazine with Finger Extension. Also Includes Manual, Test-Target and Factory Hard-Case.  These are Great convient pistols that are getting hard to find. 99.9% LNIB $1195

Walther PPK/S .380 Acp

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Walther PPK/S .380 Acp , mfg. Germany. Stainless Steel Finish 3¼”inch Barrel Dated 1976. Mint Bore, Serial #206,142S  Pachmayr Rubber Grips, & one Blue Finger Extension magazine,.  Made in West Germany /Interarms Import   99% $1195

Webley & Scott

Webley & Scott Mark IV, .38/200 = (.38 S&W)

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Webley & Scott Mark IV, .38/200 = (.38 S&W) cal. revolver.  Serial #A82306, The 4”inch Barrel has a Mint Bore, & Crisp markings. Black Plastic Checkered Webley Grips. Lanyard Ring. The Double Action works Great.  (Serial numbers 79,462-129,185 were Made 1899-1914).= Made in 1899. Which also makes this a First Year Production, not to mention it’s also an Antique’ !  It’s All Original, Made in England. The Top of Receiver is stamped Birmingham This is a Beautiful Commercial example ! The Nicest I’ve ever seen 99+% $1495

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