How long are Layaways?.
Generally 90 days, unless otherwise agreed upon in correspondence.

 Can I have more than one Layaway?

 Can I switch from one item to another?

  If something happens can I cancel?
Yes = See Restocking 15% Fee

  How do I make my payments: 90 day Layaway = 4 equal payments

All layaways will be based on Four ( 4 ) equally divided payments unless otherwise agreed upon. Layaways are for 90 days from “Date of Order” unless otherwise agreed upon;–(Refer to your Receipt with your 1st payment on it.) You should consider your layaway final for these reasons:  It is not fair to tie up items for 3 months or longer & still expect to retain an inspection without a penalty Fee. I hold these items for individuals & pass on immediate sales all the time. Layaways are a service I provide to ease the financial payout of the customer. Layaways are not a service to be abused

Restocking Fee = 15%.
Anytime During the 90 day layaway period & Before shipment, you may cancel your order at a 15% Restocking Fee charge.
Once you receive it & if you decide you don’t want it then a 15% Restocking Fee plus shipping will be charged.
If not an agreeable term then please call immediately so that I may cancel your order & make it available once again.

The time involved in holding your item is considerable.

Should you decide to cancel at this time a $20 charge for inconvenience (Paperwork, trips to the bank, lost sales, etc..) to other potential customers will be deducted from your first payment check.

No Alternating: Once an item is held on layaway it’s permanent.

No Switching & Multiples:
I “will” hold more than one item on layaway if you want additional pieces. However:
I can’t hold a layaway item….turn down other customers,……..then be expected to switch to a different item in lieu of the first purchase.  If you have more than one item on layaway than a check / Money Order,  Must be paid separately on each item to simplify my bookkeeping. Once purchased by me, it takes 2-3 weeks before the item is advertised. Hypothetically, if sold on week #3 & held on layaway for 4 weeks then switched to a different item It’d take an additional 3-4 weeks before being available for sale again. This = 3 months! Obviously, no way to run a business. Delinquency: If a layaway continues beyond the agreed time period (90 days unless otherwise stated) than a 3% per month financing Fee of the Total purchase price will be applied.

Example: Model 70 Win. Price $1000 + 16 shipping std UPS………. (This $16 UPS was calculated back in the 1990’s)

ie:[my trucks engine blew up]……..I can empathize.
ie:[we had a baby]……………………Congratulations.
ie:[aunt Ethel passed away]……..Sorry to hear this!
ie:[I lost my job]…………..Stuff happens…that’s life!
ie:[Dear George XYZ happened, I need more time”]
Say this example took [6] six months = 3 months overdue.  Then: 3% of $1,000 = $30 per month (X) 3 months = $90 Overdue Extra Charge Fee. =1,000 + 16 shipping + 90 overdue fee charge =1,106 Total.

I realize you understand this,but someone out there won’t; so; I’ve got to spell it out real clear for all. Layaways are a great way to get what you want over time but if you extend your time-period it’s going to cost you extra. It is only fair & reasonable.Thank you for understanding.