The first thing to do is decide if you like its looks. Given you do, then you’ve accepted its appearance from the visual viewpoint. Should you wish to proceed to the next level then call me first & we’ll discuss your concerns.
In general, many of my guns are in near mint condition & there is no reason what-so-ever for any screwdrivers or other implements to be used to take apart the gun. Many guns, such as Colt 45’s, can be taken down by hand but remember if you scratch it with the improper assembly or disassembly of it; you either bought it or have devalued it, & subsequently your refund would be less. I take thorough notes & pictures before these items leave the premises.     Do Not test my patience by attempting to curb the truth & claim the item did not have certain parts or a different clip or no clip or a missing screw or a cracked grip etc……Been there, done that,..That is why it takes time to package & inspect. This makes it difficult to get out very many items per day shipped out to the customer. I do & must critique, notate, xerox or photograph items to protect myself from damage done by the persons who wrongly disassembles items & or attempts to swap parts of guns.  To the novice this might seem impractical or unthinkable; however; unfortunately I’ve experienced this enough times to know better & have been forced to take these precautions. There are  those that have created this situation. They won’t get another chance with me.   I apologize to the rest of you.
Most people ( I’ll say 99% of you out there) understand, respect & use common sense; but these things need to be pointed out for the other 1 %. Normally if you buy a S&W, Colt, etc the average person will wish to verify the matching numbers of the grip or grips. As long as you use a proper screwdriver, do not burr or mark the screw head up, nor crack the grips upon improper re-assembly of same then I don’t mind this “BUT”, there is no reason to do this unless you’ve  already decided  to keep the pistol. Also, Target grips are not numbered to at least S&W grips, & only the right sided grip on S&W’s is the grip that is numbered. The left grip is never numbered, and early grips are numbered in pencil, & pearls & stag grips are usually never numbered. Besides, all you need to do is ask me if they are numbered to the gun when ordering & you’ll not have to be concerned as I’ve already taken the grips off to be sure they are matching. Most of mine are matching grips anyways.