Answer: Various methods can be used, it is the customers preference, though personal experience has indicated which would be best in certain situations for me.


UPS shipping of longarms is about $25. Second day Air nowadays is somewhere around $80.

UPS All pistols must be shipped First day Air. No choice; that’s UPS policy. To attempt to ship otherwise VIA – UPS is seriously stupid. If a person tried to save a little cash & ship 2nd day Air or slower & the pistol was lost or damaged this gives UPS the advantage to say: “YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW 1ST AIR DAY ONLY POLICY” Therefore;  your not able to collect for the damage or the loss. This is not something I am willing to risk so don’t even attempt to ask for less than 1st day air  VIA UPS delivery of  me. As of 2006 the insurance alone for UPS is 50 cents per $100. A $5,000 gun cost $25 just for insurance.

My personal thinking is this: If it’s important enough to me then I’ll choose UPS every time. If I’m shipping & its a pistol of say $500  or so then USPS is fine. But, if  it has an important box or something that I want to risk the least remote possibility of damage than I’d rather ship UPS as the post office has what seems to be a larger amount of damage comparatively.  Also, the Post office doesn’t have as good of a  tracking system for the shipper/caller like UPS does either. (In my opinion of course)


I will ship COD once I have the signed FFL on file. I won’t ship Air COD unless we’ve done business before. Sorry I’ve been stung too many times buy those who’ve done this, changed their minds & never reimbursed me for the shipping. It’s the same old song. A few duds have to spoil it for the rest. That’s life!

COD’s VIA US-Mail…Sorry!………no way! The US-Mail will take anything from a personal check to— (use your imagination here).  I won’t do COD’s VIA US-Mail. It’s not a good business practice. Not if you wish to stay in the business that is!


Otherwise known as The US Post Office. I really don’t care to ship long arms this way, as its usually more expensive than UPS by the time you get though with the weight, & insurance. But when it comes to shipping pistols you can save even more. A $500 or so dollar pistol that’d cost $60 via UPS  should cost only about  $35 VIA the USPS/Mail system.

Regarding Priority mail: I’ve been through this many times. Unfortunately, priority means that you can ship anything that will fit in that size package & it will “likely- no guarantees” be delivered in the guestimated 2 or 3 day time period. This is much like the recruiter telling the young man all the benefits to joining the army. It sounds good. , but isn’t what you expected. My personal advise to everyone is send it  regular mail, registered if you wish. I’ve no problem signing for it. As unbelievable as it is, I’ve had priority show up eleven, yes, even up to 14 days past the initial day sent. Even the postal clerk was in denial, but the next day the proof was in my hands with date of delivery around 12 days from day sent. This has improved over the past couple of years or so, but let me put it this way. I Don’t send anything priority mail unless time is not of importance to me.